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When Home Care Assistance and Geriatric Care Managers Partner, Clients Receive the Biggest Benefits

While Geriatric Care Managers oversee the client’s plan and coordinate with the family, Home Care Assistance provides day-to-day care for the client, and coordinates with the GCM frequently, helping to evolve the client’s care plan as needed. Home Care Assistance has Home Care Liaisons that are dedicated to coordinating with professionals, including GCMs. We can address gaps in care left by a private caregiver, provide coverage when necessary, or provide care to GCM’s clients if extra support is needed.

Home Care Assistance provides client-centered and holistic care GCMs value. We use the Balanced Care Method (an evidence-based program built on studies of the longest-living people in the world) to impart this concept to our caregivers. Home Care Assistance’s commitment to personalized, dignified care makes them the ideal partner for a GCM. Our services focus on and align with the ALCA’s eight knowledge areas, further highlighting why we make fitting partners for GCMs.

GCMs and home care companies are obvious complements to one another. Their partnership allows for the exchange of insights and enhanced delivery of services. Beyond enhancing their services, this partnership offers networking opportunities for both. Using the services of a professional home care company in tandem with a GCM is the best way to ensure seniors stay healthy and happy in their homes.

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