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How does Partnering with HCA enhance your service offering and benefit your clients?

Home Care companies partner with legal professionals like Estate Planners, to understand the client’s legal bearings and collaborate about the corresponding aspects of a client’s care. Since long term care can widdle down a client's savings, the estate planner will understand the client’s long term care insurance, options, and legal ties, and advise them on how to carry on with their long-term care provider.

Home Care Assistance can work with Estate Planners to understand who has the Power of Attorney for the client, meaning who will be in charge of the client if they are incapacitated or unable to make decisions for themselves. This document also permits certain individuals the right to manage day to day financial and personal business affairs if the client is unable to do so for themselves. This can come into play when determining what type of care a client will receive if they are unable to choose for themselves, and who can determine what they do with their finances within their long-term care plan, on behalf of them.

This partnership is necessary due to the nature of elder care, and without it, a client may lack the crucial advocacy and support that they need in order to be treated fairly. Partnering together provides the client with a team of both legal protection and day-to-day care, both of which are necessary for their wellbeing and quality of life of the client.

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