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One never grows out of enjoying Halloween fun, right? And what’s more fun than creating your own Halloween decorations (well, other than sneaking some of the mini candy bars you bought for trick or treaters)? Here are some ideas for Halloween-themed crafts you and your aging loved one can try this year.

  • Paint pumpkins or gourds. Squashes, gourds, and pumpkins are plentiful this time of year, so pick some up at the grocery store and get creative. You can go the traditional route by painting faces, or get a little crazy, and paint the pumpkins any color and design you like. Craft paints are available at most fabric stores and big box stores like Target and Walmart.
  • Create some spooky candles. With a pillar candle (we recommend a flameless version), some craft glue, and black lace, you can create a pretty Halloween decoration that will light up the room. Purchase some black lace from the fabric store. You won’t need more than a 1-foot square unless you’ve got a huge candle. Measure the circumference and height of the candle, and cut the lace so it will wrap all the way around. Use craft glue or spray adhesive to attach the lace, turn on (or light) the candle, and voila!
  • Make some giant spiders. This one is quick and easy. All you need is black construction paper (big sheets are best), scissors, and glue or tape to attach the spiders wherever you want them. If you’re not a Picasso, then you may also want to pick up some spider stencils, but the beauty of these giant spiders is that they’re supposed to be scary, so even if they’re not perfect, they’ll be perfect for the occasion.
  • Design your own bat-mobile. It may not be Batman’s first choice, but you can create a bat-mobile with some heavy duty black construction paper and bat stencils (or hand-draw your own bats). A wire hanger (or two) works well as the mobile base, and you can hang the bats with string or lightweight craft wire. If you want to go a little crazy and be Martha Stewart for a day, try this really cute version
  • Make a ghost, witch, or bat grapevine wreath. With a plain grapevine wreath, some spray paint, a bit of felt, a black Sharpie marker or paint, glue, and some ribbon, you can make a fun (and decorative) Halloween wreath. Here’s a sample ghost wreath.

Crafting can be a fun and easy way to bring friends and family, including seniors, together. Enjoy celebrating the traditions of the holiday season and have a safe and happy Halloween!

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