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Home Care Assistance of Bend

Bend’s First Choice for Senior Home Care and Elder Care Services

For years, Home Care Assistance and our experienced caregivers have served seniors and their families with exceptional home care.

We provide older adults in Bend and the broader community with one-on-one support that allows them to live safely and independently at home.

As the premier home care provider in Bend, we have the deepest employee roster of skilled and compassionate caregivers. As a result, our Client Care Managers are able to match our clients to caregivers not only based on their home care needs, but also their personalities and interests. We offer high quality assisted living services where seniors most prefer to live: in their own home.

Our 24/7 Guarantee means that we will be there when you need us – days, nights and weekends. Call us today to learn more or visit our office in Bend.

We offer high quality, personalized care where seniors most prefer: at home.

Hourly Care

By helping with daily activities, our caregivers enable clients to maintain their normal daily routines.

24 Hour Care

Those living with dementia or who are homebound due to physical limitations benefit greatly from 24 hour care.

Specialized Care

Our caregivers have experience with advanced care needs and training in the more complicated conditions that affect older adults.

Free Consultation

Your local team of Client Care Managers are on call 24/7 to answer your questions and work with you to design a customized plan.

Concierge Support From Our Care Team.

Our Care Team members make all the difference. Each client and his or her family works with a Client Care Manager who is available to answer questions, help with care transitions and ensure our high quality standards are met throughout the length of service. We also offer clients full staffing support and community liaisons to ensure we are there to help no matter what our aging clients may need.

What Our Clients Are Saying

At Home Care Assistance, we provide a superior level of service to each and every client. Our 97% client satisfaction rate is unparalleled in our field. Read below what our clients have to say and learn more about what makes us the premier provider of in-home senior care.

Home Care Assistance in every way ensured that I could meet her needs and help me to have time to care for the other myriad of things that go along with caring for someone who is sick. You don’t know how much I needed you all. Thank you is not enough. I will recommend you and your staff to any and all that want or need to have someone take care of their loved ones – with all of the glowing words that I can find. Until you walk in the shoes of a caretaker…you can’t fully understand the help that you need. AND when you find it, it is a miracle. My heartfelt and grateful thanks to all of your miracles.

- Lyn Finnerty

Daughter of Client

My mother who is 80 was invited to spend Christmas with my brother in San Diego. Getting there and back required changing planes in Houston and on the way back she only had 30 minutes to transfer to a different terminal. I had discussed in passing, my concern with Lori at Home Care Assistance here in Columbus and she, on her own, spoke with the Home Care Assistance Office in Houston. They offered to help my mom get to a hotel if she missed her flight. When she arrived safely and on time back in Columbus mom told me that someone from the Houston Office had actually come out to the airport and was able to meet her at the gate with a wheelchair and get her over to her flight to Columbus. This type of help is to me 5 Star service. I was simply amazed that they would help so much. Thanks.

- Bill Fullerton

Son of Client

Home Care Assistance caregivers have done a phenomenal job for our family. Mom wanted to stay home and we just could not manage her care alone due to our work and families. If it weren’t for Home Care Assistance, it would have been impossible for us to keep Mom home. She really enjoys the company of her caregiver and is living life again. Thank you, Home Care Assistance for all what you have done for us. We highly recommend them to anyone who needs high-quality care for an elderly loved one.

- G.L.

Daughter of Client

In October 2008, Martha arrived and the entire household spirit changed. Martha brought a sensitivity and maturity we had not seen with other caregivers. Martha knew that Mum was trying to hold on to her dignity and independence and she went to great lengths to help Mum do just that. I would tell Martha that Mum was the Boss and she was the General Manager who always made sure that the Boss was safe and well cared for. Martha allowed Mum to live comfortably in her home and die with grace. Words cannot adequately convey the peace that Martha brought to Mum and the family as a whole.

- John J. McArdle III

Son of Client

As a baby boomer, I am part of the generation that’s trying to navigate the waters of eldercare. Home Care Assistance has been an invaluable part of my equation for making sure my mom receives the highest level of care and support. From transportation to healthcare appointments, to 24/7 supervision and assistance, their staff is both professional and compassionate. I can’t recommend them highly enough.

- G.P.

Son of Client

I was referred to Home Care Assistance when my Mom was coming home from Scripps. I was out of town and had to organize everything remotely. The staff was extremely helpful and professional. I was very stressed and totally lost but they handled everything from start to finish. One of their care managers went out to the hospital to assess mom the same day, organized with the nurses and doctors and was able to get Mom home safely. What I liked the most was their flexibility and quick action. Mom came home with 24-hour care for the first few days then was able to slowly reduce hours to a manageable schedule. Highly recommend!

- S.B.

Daughter of Client

My sincere thanks to you and your staff at Home Care Assistance for coming to my 11th hour rescue back in May…Your Caregiver helped me shower daily, made my bed, prepared meals and did some food shopping, light cleaning and the laundry. She was a gem, always on time, and her manner and demeanor exhibited her many years of experience as an expert Caregiver. She was dependable, calm, caring and trustworthy. I also enjoyed her lovely sense of humor. I also salute you for your flexibility in making the effort to accommodate a prospective client at the “last minute,” as well as your reasonable cost for the excellent care received.

- Patricia L. Waller

Retired U.S. Diplomat

Your company is amazing. Jessie, Jill, Mimi, and the woman in charge of staffing were efficient, fast and kind. I found out late Wednesday that mom was coming home Thursday mid-day. I called Jessie Thursday morning. Jill called me and by 1:00 they were ready to come in with someone on a 24-hour-basis. Unbelievable! Mimi has been terrific. She has helped mom with her physical needs, prepared meals, helped in the middle of the night, done laundry when mom needed it...and has kept mom safe. It has been a relief; we have not had to alter our own schedules and enjoy our spare moments visiting with mom and Mimi in a carefree manner. Family members who didn't think it necessary for mom to have any help are now on board - including mom! Thank you!

- Connie L.

Daughter of Client

I am writing you to express my extreme gratitude with the services that your company has provided my mother over the past month. Without your caregivers and their thoroughness in understanding difficult situations, my mother had a very good chance of not surviving her latest release from the local hospital. It was only your caregivers' critical observations that saved the day. Again, I am thrilled to have your company working with my mother, providing assistance with great personal support and encouragement to brighten her remaining time here.

- Tom Fletcher

Son of Client

I was in a panic and desperate because I knew I would never find a caregiver so late on a Friday. But I found Home Care Assistance and couldn't be happier with their service! The woman they sent to care for my mother was just wonderful and my mother said she was so glad we found someone to care for her.

- Cheryl B.

Daughter of Client

I want to thank you and your organization for the outstanding job that you did caring for my uncle these last couple months - the care enabled my uncle to spend his last months in his home and with his friends from the men's club - my brother and I really appreciate the effort that you made - I think it made a big difference in the quality of my uncle's life.

- Gregory J. Burkus

Nephew of Client

The 24-hour care that Home Care Assistance provided for our mom was unparalleled. She had three caregivers, each as compassionate, dedicated and hardworking as the next. Each caregiver worked eight hour shifts, which enabled them to stay focused and well rested, and in turn, provide the best care possible.

- Susie M.

Daughter of Client

We chose Home Care Assistance because their care managers are extremely personable, caring and responsive. We know we can call them for anything, 24/7. They've even managed emergency scheduling requests within an hour.

- Ken B.

Son of Client

Bottom-line, your company provided me the choice of several qualified caregivers within 72 hours of my call (including a weekend); and the caregiver I selected from Home Care Assistance (Conrad) was a total blessing and I believe an answer to prayer. "Thank you" doesn't quite cut it, but that's all I have...thank you very much.

- Jeffrey J. Miller

Son of Client

I could not have been more pleased with your company's services, and most of all, the assigned caregiver. The pre-visit to my home was very reassuring that I was dealing with a company of integrity. My caregiver never stopped trying to find things to do for me. The cost was well worth the service. I would not hesitate to recommend your service in the future.

- Jeanne Olson


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Our Company Culture Touches Everything We Do

Our Caregivers are the Heart and Soul of Our Company

Our Innovative Programs Elevate The Aging Experience

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Bend, OR 97701

Total Peace of Mind

We understand the trust you place in us, and do everything possible to ensure that the home care experience is worry-free for all concerned.

Community Connections

We are the trusted partner of reputable care professionals in the communities we serve. We pride ourselves on connecting our clients to the care solutions they need - even if it's outside our service offerings.

Elevated Quality of Life

Our Balanced Care Method™ emphasizes healthy mind, body, and spirit. We believe that with the proper care, we can help older family members live happier, healthier, and more fulfilled lives.

Trusted Care Expertise

We are experts in all aspects of home care, from family dynamics to nutrition, around-the-clock care to dementia. And we train our caregivers accordingly.

Committed To Our Clients

We believe the best way to deliver exceptional care is to focus on building long-term, trusting relationships between caregivers, seniors, and their families.

High Quality Care

We go above and beyond to deliver concierge-level care for clients who want, and expect, the very best for their aging loved ones.

Caregiving for your loved ones in the comfort of their own home in Bend Oregon

When people are young, they need a lot of extra care. Many people also need extra care and support as they age. Seniors may have mobility issues or health problems that they need assistance with, which means they need the help of a qualified caregiver. Family members aren't always able to provide this kind of care, but thankfully, there's a great alternative. When you work with Home Care Assistance, you can ensure that your loved one receives the type of care that they need. This will allow them to stay healthy without having to leave their home. All of our caregivers have plenty of experience, and they are great at what they do. We offer many types of services, such as


We can provide elders with the care they need at any time, day or night. We provide many types of services, including transportation services and assistance with grooming and meals. We treat each patient as an individual and can provide advanced care if needed.

Home Health Care

Our goal is to make sure that all of our clients are able to maintain or return to their usual routine. Our caregivers will assist with that. Everyone that works with us has experience with care services can give seniors the level of support that they need.


The specialty of Home Care Assistance is to deliver consistent care to seniors. We can assist with medication, everyday tasks, and provide clients with supervision. Although our caregivers are professional, they're also very pleasant. They can provide seniors with much-needed companionship.

It's particularly important that your loved ones receive the care that they need after being discharged from the hospital. It's common for patients to experience health issues after being released from a hospital. We'll make sure that doesn't happen to your family members. We can provide care to seniors regardless of their condition. Our goal is always to improve the health of our patients.

Senior Care

You might feel guilty because you're not able to provide your family members with the care that they need. If this is something you're concerned about, you should know that our caregiving professionals will keep every member of your family in good spirits and health. It's not always possible for people to care for their senior family members on their own, especially if the family members are invalids. Luckily, we're there to step in and provide world-class care and support.

Home Health Aide

Because most people have to work, it's not possible for people to care for their family members around the clock. Thankfully, our home health aides can provide essential services when you can't be there. We can assist your loved ones with meals, give them their medications, or help them get the exercise they need.

Dementia Care

Most people don't know how to care for a loved one with dementia. The experts that work at Home Care Assistance are professionals that understand how to provide care to people with this condition. We understand what patients need and communicate with family members so that everyone is on the same page.

Elderly Care

Cancer Care

Cancer is a terrible disease, which is why you should reach out to us right away if you or a loved one has been diagnosed with cancer. We offer a range of services for cancer patients. We can provide physical support, transportation to appointments, and so much more. Our focus is always on the health of the patients.

Stroke Care

After someone has suffered a stroke, they may experience a range of health problems. They may have to re-learn how to talk or walk. They could even have issues with paralysis. Our workers have extensive experience and training, which allows them to help patients that are trying to recover from their stroke. We take everything into account, from the patients physical and cognitive needs to their mental health. Whether a stroke is mild or severe, we're here to help.

Parkinson's Care

Since Home Care Assistance is partnered with the National Parkinson's Foundation, you can always trust us to deliver care. We care for many clients with Parkinson's. In fact, our experienced employees can provide Parkinson's care to patients within the home. There are a number of techniques that can help patients with Parkinson's so that they can continue to enjoy their life.

24-Hour Care

Sometimes, patients need care 24 hours a day. This is a service that we provide. The caregivers we'll send to you are great at what they do. They'll closely monitor the health of patients and can make sure medication is administered as needed.

Alzheimer’s Care

When people have conditions such as dementia or Alzheimer’s, even the most basic tasks can be difficult to complete. Patients suffering from this condition often have memory issues. Our caregivers provide extensive support and will always be there to provide a reminder if something is forgotten. While this can take a lot of time, we're glad to rise to the occasion. Our priority is always making sure that our clients receive the care that they need. We're happy to put in the extra time to ensure that our patients are properly cared for.

You shouldn't let just anyone provide care to your loved ones. You'll want to find the best possible caregivers for your family members. If you take the time to compare us against other companies that provide these services, you'll see that we're your best choice. Why do we stand out from the competition? There are a number of reasons:

* We're always available. Some companies don't provide services on holidays, but we offer care 365 days a year. Even if a festival or special event is going on, we're here to provide care to our clients.

* We employ experts in health care. Our employees are great at what they do and have knowledge of medical issues, which means we can provide stellar care to many different clients.

* We don't require you to enter into a long-term contract. Home Care Assistance understands that your needs may change over time. If you need to stop or pause our services, you can do so at any time.

* We focus on meeting patient's physical and mental needs. When we're caring for your family member, you'll know that all of their needs will be met.

Does a member of your family need specialized care in the home? Contact us today to learn more about the services we provide. We're always eager to provide assistance.

Traumatic Brain Injury Care (TBI)

Memory Care

Home Care Assistance

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